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People In Trouble is an experimental punk/metal project

People In Trouble is an experimental punk/metal project

People In Trouble:

An experimental punk/metal project from brothers Alex and Eli Wing. Inspired by bands like Bad Brains, Sonic Youth, Faith No More and Nirvana, a PiT show will range from nasty riffage to noise-shred solos. Highly intense, precise punk rock.

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Disgusting News:

This four-piece from Bielefeld, Germany is playing straight hardcore punk in the veins of Bay Area legends like Ceremony, Punch and early Fat Wreck Chords bands. Lyrically, the songs deal with topics such as anti-fascism and feminism. Additionally, on their latest album “Family Traumata”, released on “Schädelbruch Platten”, they deal with mental health issues. Musically, they stay true to their driving sound that goes straight to the legs and the pissed-off vocals of the singer Vanessa that go straight to the heart. Music to shout along and raise your fist.



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