A BluesShack gig will transport you right back to the old Blues and Jazz Clubs of the 1930s and ’40s.

A BluesShack gig will transport you right back to the old Blues and Jazz Clubs of the 1930s and ’40s.

The story of BluesShack begins in a cosy local pub, on the corner of a small street, hidden just outside the city Centre. In this little cafe, run by volunteers, a group of people comes together every third Thursday of the month, to celebrate the blues in dance and music.
One by one the people drop in; musicians, dancers, blues music lovers, and regulars. They order a drink and find themselves a seat at the bar, a quiet corner in the back, or a hotspot on
dancefloor. Soon the band will start playing, the blues dancers are starting to get restless and the temperature slowly rises. Perfect conditions for a little magic to happen.
This tiny stage is where the members of BluesShack met in 2018 and the band slowly started to take on its current form. Since then, the blues dance evenings have led to more and bigger gigs, international attention, and shows at blues & dance festivals. The first CD `Live in Moskou` was recorded in 2019 and the second one `Hold on Tight` is released in the spring of ´21. An album with some great classic blues covers and the band’s first original song ‘Hold on Tight’
A BluesShack gig will transport you right back to the old Blues and Jazz Clubs of the 1930s and ’40s. Get enchanted by the jazzy-soul sound of the lead vocalist Loes Jongerling in songs like ‘Stormy Monday’ and ‘The Sky Is Crying’. The band will pick you right up for some up-tempo swing with ‘My Babe’ or ‘Juke’ A well know blues harp classic’s by Little Walter lead with a mean harmonica solo played by Simon Bullock. They will bring you back down with some Delta Blues classics where Ies Wiechers leads with vivid solos like ‘Hoochie Coochie Gal’ and in a slow blues like ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’. The rhythm is in the experienced steady hands of Marcel Poeze on drums, Christian Johansson keeps it cool and funky behind the keys and we can always count on a groovy bass line from Mich Buschman. Now and then Ton Beukelman (Hammond), Wout van Breugel (Drums) and Jeroen Bresser (Bass) accompany us.
Founders Ies Wiechers and Simon Bullock are set on keeping the music spontaneous, pure, and fun and the band never rehearses a show in advance. All of the band members bring a different kind of style and energy to the stage and that will guarantee a dynamic night out!
Additional Band information: Gigs vary between small clubs /pubs/ Dance halls and Blues festivals. The band is known for its ability to keep the sound to a nice pleasant level. Note: They can pump up the level when required


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